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Trade Show Display Counters

EZ Curved Counter Fabric Display
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Trade Show Display Counters

When you are working at a trade show, every inch of your space counts. Most of a company’s table consists of flyers, product display, sign up sheets, samples, and more. With all that going on, it is often hard to find a place to squeeze in an advertisement. Trade show display counters are effective ways to make the most of your space at an exhibit, while still gathering the attention of the masses.

You can use your pop up counter portable trade show display podium as a supplemental addition to multi-level presentation set up or as your sole display. One great aspect of SD Sign Company’s trade show display counters is the fact that they can also be used as an aid to transportation. The sturdy frame that keeps our counters durable and long-lasting will protect your posters, signs, pamphlets, or other smaller display accessories while you move between locations. You won’t need to worry about any tears, bends, or missing products.

SD Sign offers curved, square, and rectangular options for our pop up counter portable trade show display podium. We also allow our customers to customize these counters to fit their exact vision. Our extensive inventory gives you dozens of options for shape, size, material, design, and more. When it’s time to take exhibitions and trade shows seriously, order your trade show display counter from SD Sign Company.