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Teardrop Flag Banners

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Teardrop Flags and Banners

No matter what event your business participates in (be it an open house, local vendors market, grand opening, or anything in between) there is no denying that you will need an eye-catching custom teardrop flag as part of your display. There’s no better place to find them at SD Sign. Here we offer both single and double-sided teardrop flags with many styles, sizes, and base stands to choose between. Sleek and unique, teardrop promotional flags are the ideal advertising tool for your company and one of our customer base’s all-time favorites.

Although teardrop banner flags can be used in any location, they look particularly nice at outdoor events where a light breeze can give it a bit of depth and perhaps even attract more attention. They are lightweight, flexible, and easy to transport, able to fit in even a four-door sedan.

SD Sign has been in business for 19 years and is proud to offer the best teardrop flags online in all of Southern California. Call us today at 888-748-7446 for more information or if you're in need of a consultation to determine which of our products would be right for your business. We hope to hear from you soon!