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Rush Fee
Are there limits* to getting a rush?
  Yes, time and quantity. *Rush fees and turnaround times are subject to change.
Do all products allow a rush?
  Yes, as long as our workload can handle it and we have time to do it.
How do I order a rush?
  Some displays have a set-priced rush option under the “Graphic Turnaround Time” dropdown menu. Select this option and add to cart. (To find, click through to the item of interest, see “Choose your options”, then locate “Graphic Turnaround Time” underneath and you will find the dropdown menu that you can click to find the rush option.)

If the product you want does not have this option, then please call our Sales department for assistance and quote at 1-888-748-7446.
How fast* does a rush push my order ahead?
  If artwork is approved by 3pm PST, then a Next Day (1-day) rush will ship out the following business day, end of day. A 2-day rush will ship out 2 business days after graphic approval (not 1). And a 3-day rush will ship out 3 business days after graphic approval (not 2). *Please note that proof approval day does not count as a production day.
I need 2 items rushed. Does the rush fee apply once or for each item I need rushed?
  Rush fees apply per item. So for example, if the rush fee is “$150 up to 2 sets” and you need 2, it will be $150x2=$300 rush charge.
I need this shipped out today. Is this possible?
  Maybe. Call our Sales department to inquire about Same Day Rushes at 1-888-748-7446.
I requested a rush and uploaded my graphics, but there’s a problem and now it’s past 3pm. Can I still get a rush?
  Maybe, but please call our Sales department ASAP at 1-888-748-7446 to make sure our staff knows what’s going on and they can see your upload file in order to pass it off to our Graphics department in a timely manner.
When can I request a rush?
  Once you have your artwork ready, then you can request a rush. Otherwise, if there are problems with your artwork, we may not be able to grant you the rush you wish because of the time needed to correct artwork, send email for approval, retrieve approval, then send to production.
Will there be times when a rush is not available?
  Yes; these times vary and depend on our workload. It is always best to check with our Sales department.